Pirate Parties

Swashbuckling Parties for Kids of all ages

Stardust Entertainment will bring your child's adventures to life with a Pirate party!

Invite one of our Pirates to your party to ensure everyone has a swashbuckling time!  We will work with you to plan and tailor the perfect stress-free party making sure its fun, high energy and nobody has to walk the plank.

All Stardust parties are unique and tailored to your child's age and preferences. All you need to do is book a venue and your chosen pirate will arrive with plenty of time to set up for your child's special day.

Pirate Party Details


All of our party packages include Pirate party bags and prizes for up to 15 children - additional children can be added for an extra £5 per head.  All parties include a 15-20 minute break in the middle for food and cake provided by you, your entertainer will be on hand to help serve food and drinks during this break. 

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Optional Extras

All Stardust Pirate Parties have a selection of optional extras to choose from, including:

  • Pirate Hat Decorating
  • Jewellery Making (Make your own Pirate bracelet)
  • Additional Entertainer, Princess, Pirate, Fairy etc
  • £1.50 Per Child
  • £1.50 Per Child
  • £50 Per Party

Why book a Stardust Pirate?

At Stardust Entertainment we only choose the finest pirates that have sailed the seven seas to entertain your children on their special day.

All Stardust Entertainers are DBS checked, insured and trained to provide swashbuckling entertainment for your child and friends.